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Candidate Master & Fide Instructor Amithpal Singh Peak Fide Rating 2275
Mr.Amithpal Singh is an international rated chess player with a peak rating of 2275. He have been playing chess for the last 28+ years. He have around 20+ years of chess coaching experience. First he was in the top 10 in the much national age category and open chess championships. Won 50+ age group and open state championships. Led Osmania university as captain and won silver in all India inter-university chess tournament. Led Osmania university in world universities in Malaysia and got 4th place.
Mr.Shashikant Kutwal International Master
International Master 2017 IPCA World Champion (for disabled players) Mr.Shashikant Kutwal is a National Player, Won several All India Rating Tournaments.
Keerthi Rana Peak Fide Rating 2086
Keerthi Rana Tata is an International FIDE rated player with 2029 rating. He achieved it at National B tournament held in Nagpur in the year 2000. His peak rating was 2086. He was the state champion of Andhra Pradesh in all age groups and stood in the top 5 in the National events, in the U-10, 12, 14 age groups. He has 4 years of online teaching experience with students of USA. He is currently playing actively in online in lichess platform with a current rating of 2345.
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